Doming signs

Enhance your company name or logo at an entrance so it stays in mind for a long time. The three – dimensional doming signs from A + H Thomas comply with these requirements.

First the base material will be printed according to your wishes.
After that, the printed signs receive a transparent plastic coating which creates the three – dimensional effect.
The plastic coating meets all the requirements according to the consistency.

A wonderful advertising medium for your reputation.

No matter if rectangular, quadratic, oval or round, even special shapes or outlines can be easily transformed in ideal doming signs.

A + H Thomas high quality plates in design and performance using the latest engineering and production techniques.

Technical details

Plastic , polyester foil , aluminium and other raw material after range of application

Handling / Proccesing:
Signs in each shape and size.
Printed in the standard colours RAL, HKS, Pantone or NCS.
Special colours are also available.
Transparent plastic coating in consistence can be adapted to every operational area.

self – adhesive , individual version or pre – cut on sheets.
doming signs are uv – resistant