Industrial signs, company signs & front panels

Signs are not just signs. They are like business cards for your products, showcasing that they are made by a good company. Therefore all criteria as form and design, manufacturing technology and material characteristics must be fulfilled, all or nothing to obtain the best quality.

A successful marketing strategy includes also the use of signs like a product or type plate, a user interface in the form of a front panel or an advertising medium. That’s why top companies are customers at THOMAS. Our customers rely on us because they know that we meet their requirements as well as by the successful conception of their supports. Everything must fit to be perfect and this also involves good signs from THOMAS.

Machine and type plates, front panels

Material :
aluminium , stainless steel (V2A), brass , plastic or other materials

Handling / Process :
etched , anodised, printed / with glittering or matt surface

Versions :
self – adhesive or with mounting holes

A + H Thomas high quality plates in design and performance using the latest engineering and production techniques.

Technical details

  • Industrial and type plates equipped for fully automatic subsequent marking. (laser or embossing machine)
  • We can work up to a material thickness of 3 mm. Free from oil and grease.
  • Punching without any burr due to modern punching machines and high quality punching tools.
  • Packaging and sorting according to our customer wishes.
  • We consult and support your company on new product development for all kind of signs.

Company labels

aluminium , stainless steel (V2A), brass or plastics etched , anodised or printed with matt or glittering surface We print RAL , HKS , Pantone, NCS and by request also special colours can be realized.

All plates are available as self adhesive or with mounting holes. If required also with a protection film on the surface.

Type plates

  • aluminium, stainless steel (V2A) or other materials
  • etched, anodised or printed / free from oil and grease
  • high quality and punching without any burr
  • with mounting holes or self – adhesive background
  • If required also with protection film on the surface.
  • Packaging and sorting according to our customer wishes for easy handling for subsequent fully automatic marking. (laser or embossing machine)

Front panel

Front panels with or without quality paste. Temperature resistance from – 40 ° C to + 175 ° C.